Sunday, June 18, 2006


It's been a while since my last post. It's WorldCup time in Germany. I watch a lot of games, drink a lot of beer and shut down my brain.

Ok, I admit. I got stuck. I haven't even written that much. Out of nowhere, as usual, problems with storyline, character motivation and just about everything imaginable arise. Just to stop me. To make me mad, insane.

But I have the football matches on TV. It saves me. For now until July 9th.


Thursday, June 08, 2006


I've been strolling around countless screenwriter's blogs last couple weeks and I have to say I got so many information I can't even grasp the amount of what I learned thus far.

It all started about eight years ago when I bought my very first book on the subject of screenwriting called Opening the Doors to Hollywood: How to Sell Your Idea, Story, Screenplay, Manuscript by Carlos de Abreu and Howard Jay Smith. From then on I read more then a dozen different screenwriting books and thanks to internet I read a lot of produced and unproduced screenplays. I sometimes pick them up to read thru and remind myself of structure, plot and other tips.

So, last month I went to Max Adam's forum, after reading her book The Screenwriter's Survival Guide, to see what other writer's do in their spare time. Someone posted a link to the hilarious blog of Josh Friedman. I got hooked immediatly. It's funny and insightful. From there on I started to read Alligators in a Helicopter to Artful Writer and many many more blogs.

Now in the middle of my current script I'm more confident, more enthusiastic and more excited to go on. I'm more confident because some issues about script format and style are solved for me. I no more wonder if certain formatting styles are outdated or if I missed something important. I'm more enthusiastic because of the new tips and tools I found and make good use of them. I'm more excited because I know the endproduct will be at least 100% better then it would've been without all these infos.

It probably sounds like the books and scripts didn't serve me too well. It's not true. If I hadn't read them and wasn't writing for years I would have probably not gained as much from the blogs as I do now. I started with a great solid groundwork. Build your fundament and you will advance step by step much easier.

Well, basically, I just wanted to express my joy of being able to write AND improve constantly and have a feeling to know that I'm not alone in this world trying to write a damn great story.

To all of you out there. Thank you!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Beginning...

Well, finally I decided to start a blog like everyone else does. Just about one or two weeks ago I realized blogs are addictive. So instead of reading them all day, I figured, I could write some myself too.

I'm a lazy guy. And I write scripts. And make movies. Just no money.

Currently I'm working on a feature length script called "Shadows in the Sun". Was sitting around and thinking about this story for months and couldn't advance beyond page fifteen. Just yesterday I cracked the story. I pushed the right buttons. I was happy.

I wrote down everything relevant about the story that I just cracked. And started to write. I wrote two pages and stopped. I was too happy to write. I had an open bottle of wine that needed to be finished. I went on to read some more blogs until it was time to go to bed.

Yes, I am happy now. Page count right now is 19. Will get to page 26 tonight. Will finish first draft very soon.