Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Beginning...

Well, finally I decided to start a blog like everyone else does. Just about one or two weeks ago I realized blogs are addictive. So instead of reading them all day, I figured, I could write some myself too.

I'm a lazy guy. And I write scripts. And make movies. Just no money.

Currently I'm working on a feature length script called "Shadows in the Sun". Was sitting around and thinking about this story for months and couldn't advance beyond page fifteen. Just yesterday I cracked the story. I pushed the right buttons. I was happy.

I wrote down everything relevant about the story that I just cracked. And started to write. I wrote two pages and stopped. I was too happy to write. I had an open bottle of wine that needed to be finished. I went on to read some more blogs until it was time to go to bed.

Yes, I am happy now. Page count right now is 19. Will get to page 26 tonight. Will finish first draft very soon.

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