Sunday, July 23, 2006

You have to do it

Just for notice. If you want to make to Hollywood! Get the numbers right! Everyone is writing a script! Do you think you can write the next blockbuster? No, you can't! I say so not because I am a cynic. It's because the competition. Everyone has a script. You write a shit, chances are somebody else has already written it. Heck, chances are that person registered it at WGAw. Just write the best you can. Write for years. Write for your life. I mean it.

Hollywood pays more then a half a billion for story rights every single year. They want the next Titanic or Lord of the Rings orJerry Maguire. Things are not easy for the people who decide to put one or two hundred millions into your production.

Just do it. Nike says so. So should you. Make it. I'll prove it to you!

Glamour is about to come

I have 18 pages of my new horror script. It's doing quite well tho I haven't worked on it for the last 4 days. My computer was at my friends place where he fixed it. I was worried about my harddrive for a while. My scripts were on it. I haven't made a backup in a while (bad habit).

So I got my computer and my files back yesterday. I printed out my pages for some rework and feel like to write another 20 pages in the next 2 days. I am full of energy.

I'm still drinking a lot. It feels good. I have more confidence in this story then in my previous spec script "Shadows in the Sun".

I've written the first half of my first act. It sounds fun to me. It's a horror/comedy/drama. It's a bit a mixup of some strange scary funny dramatic movie.

When I finished this and "Shadows" I will show it to people around town and everywhere. Since I live in Switzerland this is a bit of a different story. I will first of all send it to some people for some professonial advice and after their comments and my corrections and thoughts I will send this script first of all to Arthur Cohn. Many of you might know his name from his many times academy award winning movies. He lives in Basel (Switzerland) and I think my writing has enough quality to have him recognize my talent.

By the end of the year '06 I think I will make my breakthrough. I want it. It's not like I am a first time writer. I've been writing the last eight years of my life. I think and I believe I have the game. Just for example I've been writing on my revenge story the last 6 years. It has developed into a great epic scale short. I am very critical of my work.

I will tell you when I got my scripts out to producers. Will be a quite interesting experience!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

You are too late!

So, I'm watching the world cup and drinking a lot of beers and get stressed (Switzerland and England both lost). Sometimes I write on my screenplay and stumble across a few "minor" problems like the antagonist having NO MOTIVATION. It's killing me. But that is of course not enough as you can read below.

I browse the IMDB and out of nowhere find something that makes me mad! As I stated in my first post my storie's title is Shadows in the Sun. I like that title. I made it up by myself. It fits the storie's mood and there is even a monologue with that line. So, I see on the front page of IMDB that there is a movie called The Shadow Dancer (2005). I just click on it and read more about the movie and find this out: aka Shadows in the Sun. I first can't believe it.

Why? Why do movies have to have more then one title in the same language!? It doesn't make sense to me! Is "The Shadow Dancer" not enough? How about "Shadow Dancer in the Sun"! I just made one title out of two and it sounds even better now! More dramatic! Stick to one title!

Do I have to change my title? I don't think so. But still, it makes you feel like you just don't have that unique cool title anymore. Not that it was so original. It just felt so right for my story. Still does.

P.S. Only a few days until my exams. I really need to study French and Math now or else...