Sunday, July 23, 2006

You have to do it

Just for notice. If you want to make to Hollywood! Get the numbers right! Everyone is writing a script! Do you think you can write the next blockbuster? No, you can't! I say so not because I am a cynic. It's because the competition. Everyone has a script. You write a shit, chances are somebody else has already written it. Heck, chances are that person registered it at WGAw. Just write the best you can. Write for years. Write for your life. I mean it.

Hollywood pays more then a half a billion for story rights every single year. They want the next Titanic or Lord of the Rings orJerry Maguire. Things are not easy for the people who decide to put one or two hundred millions into your production.

Just do it. Nike says so. So should you. Make it. I'll prove it to you!

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