Saturday, August 12, 2006

additional notes!

No matter if you write about a submarine or outer space experience. You may have no experience with it. Just research it. At the times of internet and ulimited access to information, you can do anything. Research. You are part of it. No need to experience it first hand. My first short story that went beyond 30 pages was about WWII. I had no real idea about the wars in the desert of Africa. But I wrote it. I was 15 years old. I still wrote it. I did it because I had something to tell. No need to be very clear about any infos or construction of a "Spitfire" or a "Messerschmitt". You just need to stell a compelling story! Stoy that grabs an audience! Even if it's just you!


mister blue eyes said...

I thought you would find this interesting, a teaser ad for a screenplay to be offered on eBay. The name is "LONE PHOTO", about a barber who tells a customer, his Aunt has a photo of the JFK assassanation, she kept hidden for over forty years, and the barber wants the guy to auction it for him...on eBay! Here's the link:

Spanish Prisoner said...

I checked it. Interesting.