Saturday, August 12, 2006

The thing with writing is...

When you write, you don't really do write. You tell a story. Most of us have to stop with the notion of "I am writing". You actually compose instead of writing, you tell. Whatever technique you use. Three-act tecnique or a freelance style, it doesn't matter. The story you write must touch you. One way or another. You are part of the audience. You are the audience.

No one gives a shit about a script that has no heart and soul. It must be part of you. What you experienced, part what you would like to experience, who you are, who they are... everything you know. Don't be afraid. It's a screenplay. Your real-life encounters are not interesting as long as they are not in your script. It's up to you! Who ever could've thought that talking about what a quarter pounder of cheese is been called in netherlands, is a funny and interesting topic? That's real life! At least Tarantino reality!

It doesn't mean you should write the neverending story of "a writer comes to LA and doesn't know how to handle it". That's crap. Take the nuances of your life. Everyday life and pick up the interesteing parts. What do you think Larry David does? He makes comedy out of our lifes! And we pay for it!

What I am saying is: Basically just try to do what you know. Write every single crap you know. Dismiss it after you wrote it. But write it. Don't get stuck by little bullshit on page 7 or 11l. Just finish your script. It's much more important to have a first draft then having 10 pages of nothing.

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