Sunday, October 01, 2006

First page of a first draft

Well this idea came from Deborah in one of her replies to her One Page contest contribution. She suggested somebody may post the first page of a first draft so everybody can see how much we suck. Anyway I thought "why not?" and did it. I wrote this in a few minutes, with some input with a friend of mine. No rewrites, no corrections, just what I wrote from first line on.

Here it is:

I know, I know. I'm crazy. The premise is all in the first page and everybody can steal it. Go on, steal it. I've written this page just before in a few minutes. Just some ideas I punched out and written in the first page. Have fun!


wcdixon said...

Nor this... :(

Spanish Prisoner said...

I will fix it as soon as possible. Thanks.

Spanish Prisoner said...

So, it is fixed.

wcdixon said...

Thanks - good stuff

Sky said...

Hmm, she told me the same damn :)

Oh and by the way I have returned :P