Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm back

I've been abstinent from writing on my blog and scripts for a little more than a month. I wasn't doing too well. But now I feel all the energy coming back and ready for a whole bunch of writing sessions.

Stay tuned.


Mystery Man said...

So... Are you really back yet, as in back in 2007?

Spanish Prisoner said...

Well, things with my writing didn't go on as I planned on to. I unfortunately lost one of my scripts I was writing on due to a Windows problem. Though I had several drafts printed out it still made me sick. So I unconsciously stopped writing for several months (I know this now because the same thing already happened to me several years ago.).

Anyway, I'll be back on track soon because I had a big inspiration last weekend and it fired my writing muse to new motivation.

Thanks for asking!