Wednesday, May 09, 2007


And again Fuck!

Some of you may know that I lost part of my script late last year due to a re-installation of my Windows XP. Where's the backup, dude? Well, I didn't have any, I just printed the pages on paper. Anyway, back then I wrote a lot on the script and came along pretty well. I was so into it, I left out my routine to print out pages. That backfired as you know.

So I took that as an excuse to procrastinate writing for a few months. It's actually always around 6 months before I regain motivation and power to write. How do I know that? Well, the loss of a script isn't a unique experience to me. A few years back I was writing a thriller called "The Iron Maiden" on an old computer in at that time my office. Well the day came when I gave up the office and gave the computer to a friend. Before that I wanted to save my script on a floppy disk but looking at the computer that day I realized a week ago I took the floppy drive out of the computer to give it to another friend who needed it. The shitty old computer had no other options than that. Neverthless I gave the computer to the friend who wanted it and I told him to get me my script when he connects the computer onto his home network. Until this day nothing. That time I unconsciously procrastinated for about 6 six months. My excuse was to wait for the script.

So, why am I writing all this? Well, last Thursday I was supposed to meet a friend of mine for a drink after work. She wrote me the meeting at her office would take longer and maybe we should postpone our date to another day. Well, I wrote back that I anyway will be getting a drink and I can wait for sure. I love beer too much to let the opportunity slip. Well after a few beers and a call that she won't make it tonight I went to my favourite bar for my last beer.

I didn't go home after the "last" beer. They played poker that night and asked me to join. Well I joined and played a couple rounds until I started to get to feel the beer and lose chips (you can only get three chips per drink (it's not a casino)) to the sober guy. Now I grabbed my bag and went out for the journey to home.

I didn't go home. It's 11.30 P.M. on a Thursday night and I have to work the next day but heck, as one of the guys I played poker with came out (chipless too) and asked me if we should go some other place like a club, I said yes.

We went to a fancy club here in Zurich. You don't just get in. But he managed, that's how cool this dude was. Inside I grabbed another beer, drinking and trying to follow the cool guy going through the dancing crowd. We finally got a spot where we could sit and enjoy the beer. This additional info might help you: I had no dinner or any snacks and been drinking since 5 P.M.

Yeah, sum it up... I was really, really drunk! The loud music, the lights, the thin air and full packed club doesn't help you to recover that easy. I left my backpack where I sat and wanted to get some fresh air. It got worse and worse. It's like my body decided to pull the plug now and let all the alcohol it had withhold in, pouring like a waterfall into my system.

To make a long story short: I locked myself out. Don't try to make me explain. There was nobody around and I was on the street. The glass door separated me from the party and I said "Fuck it!" and went to the train station.

What was in the bag? My script in development with countless notes and ideas and corrections, invaluable. I wouldn't be able to just recreate the dozens of hours of work on the notes.

There was a shitty incident on the way home involving two guys trying to steal my precious cool mobile, but that's for another post, if ever.

I called the club next day. They didn't have the bag. There were other things in there too, irreplaceable. I felt uneasy in the sense as of: "Yeah, you did it! Now it's time to calm down and reason. Don't freak out or get mad. There's enough time for that later on." But I heart pounded as I realized more and more what a stupid thing I had done.

Luckily, two days ago (6 days after that incident) they called me in the middle of the night (4. A.M.) and said they found my backpack! I wasn't able to pick it up yet. But tomorrow I will have time to get the lost bag.

I hope the script is still in there! Or another 6 months of my life wait to be wasted.

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