Friday, May 11, 2007

It's All Fine Again

Yes, I got my backpack back today. The script with the notes was in there. Everything else was untouched, too.

I feel better now and I might relax a little.


Laura Deerfield said...


I lost a screenplay for a couple of years - and then found the notebook when I was unpacking a box... I'm working on revising it right now, but it's tough to revisit an idea so much later. I'm different, my ideas are different...

(Hey, how do you do that cool display on the side with the % of progress on your scripts?)

Spanish Prisoner said...


Yeah it's tough sometimes. But then I like the revising part. It feels like I am making it a better script, since I believe you just get better with time and an old script is like an old car you want to fix: Hard work but it can only get better (unless it's really broken or not your taste anymore).

I had a script that was many years old and I revisited it one day and revamped it into another screenplay because like you said you are different and your ideas are different.

(I got the display on the side from David Anaxagoras. His blog: and just below his own progress bar there is a link on how to install it on your own blog. Have fun!)