Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spider-Man 3 (quick analysis)

Since everybody is writing or should I say was writing about Spider-Man 3 and I just read half of Scott the Reader's post on his blog, I had to write something, too.

Well, I've seen the movie on May 1st, so it's been a while and although I digested and made my opinion the next day, I never really lost too much thought on the movie ever since.

The reason for that on one hand is that it basically ends like it is/can be the end of the series, but not really, not definitely.

I think what the writers had to do is to solve all the problems of Peter Parker from the previous movies and add Venom to it AND make it the preliminary end of the series. That's tough writing to do!


In a perfect world the studio and producers would've just gone with the normal formula and made a real sequel with another sequel in mind. That would've meant the meteor with the black material would've caught on Peter Parker in the first ten minutes of the film. So we could've enjoyed the journey of a really dark Spider-Man 3.

Like that we could've seen how Peter Parker learns his skills (womanizer, bar fight, career etc.(yeah, like in the movie, just slower and more menacing)), while fighting Sandman.

So with that, as a writer you wouldn't have space to put in the marrying MJ stuff in. Which is great but isn't 2 1/2 hours not too little time to put in a stretch like Peter wants to marry her one second and humiliating her (jazz bar) the other, while Harry is full of revenge but still wants her back but doesn't really (at least wasn't shown after he got evil again, well because he is just full of revenge again) and we never see how Harry convinced MJ to abandon Peter... she just left him with tears in the park as Harry congratulates her. And yes, Sandman has a backstory, too. And on and on... that's too much. Think of it! After all that you still have to add amazing action sequences that take a great portion of the screentime.

If you would take away the action sequences and the first two movies and the production value, this would be simply a soap opera shown on TV everyday. It just happens too much drama for a movie to handle it delicately enough.

And then I still think the filmmakers and especially the writers did a great job trying to make this all fit. With the objective to kinda have the option to end the series there and resolve everything, they did a remarkably skillful job.

So, then I see they are in the talks for Spider-Man 4 and as far as I know they are writing on it. Hmm... where will that movie go? It just seems awkward to get into action again after the end of part 3. But then it still doesn't really seem THE ending for such a huge franchise either.

All I can say is I have the feeling they probably weren't brave enough to just go further, leaving drama unresolved and questions unanswered.

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