Friday, June 29, 2007

USS Indianapolis - Jaws

From one of my favourite movies; from one of my favourite scenes:

Robert Shaw delivers it!

Die Hard With a Vengeance

This is my favourite trailer of all time. And I think it is also one of the best ever. Back in 1995 I thought of how cool it would be of a third installment of the Die Hard series come onscreen (yes, I was only 12 back then) and just a couple days later they showed exactly this trailer on TV. I never forgot.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

They Called Me Mister Glas

M. Night Shyamalan surprised me with The Sixth Sense. I watched that movie in theaters because I thought the trailer was cool and it had Bruce Willis in it. I didn't know much more about it. Yeah, I was young and had no clue, except that I was going to watch one of the truly great pictures of the 90's.

Just a little later came Unbreakable. Many saw it as a flop. It wasn't. It made more then 200 Mio.$ worldwide. And it is one of my favourite movies!

This is the ending sequence of the movie, so if you haven't seen it, go rent and watch it, heck buy it! First watch the movie before watching this.

Even though I may have seen the ending come that way as Samuel L. Jackson being the badguy in the last ten minutes, I would've never thought of such a dramatic and complete story to end like that.

The movie is cinematically speaking a work of genius.

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

This movie is in my top ten favourite movies of all time. If you haven't seen this movie, go rent it now and watch it, don't look at this footage before. For everyone else, this is love for cinema. Tornatore and Morricone captured the end of the movie perfectly. Back then I had tears in my eyes seeing this, I still have everytime!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Cinematic Writing

Inspired by Mystery Man's post about Cinematic Storytelling:

I believe to truly write cinematic you have to get rid of some stuff if you haven't already. Never had them? Fantastic!

First of all no camera directions whatsoever nor anything technical is allowed. I'm a writer/director and even though I write for myself with me directing the script in mind, I don't put anything like "dolly shot" or "crane shot with zoom" in it. It's going destroy the flow of the story, it's obtrusive. These things belong in a storyboard.

Secondly, get rid off this one immediatly: "We see..." or "We move..." etc. It's lazy writing and it's not elegant at all. Seriously, you will be forced to write more cinematic without that.

Now what you add to your writing is very easy. When you write a scene, just describe what is in the frame. You don't need more. The audience will not be able to see more then the eye meets. So why describe more? Just describe everything inside the frame. Like that you will be forced to write cinematically.

Here's an example:


TV is on. Mute.

The ringing breaks the silence. The dog in the corner is alert.

A female hand reaches for the cordless phone.


A dark figure stands on the other side of the street, holding a cell phone.


Hi Cindy, do you wanna die tonight?


The cordless phone falls onto the floor.


While reading you were forced to only see the things I give you. I forced you to see my editing, my camera angles.

If you'd have described the apartement and the woman in there because you feel it is necessary for everything that is being introduced to have a full description, then people reading your stuff will make their own movie in their mind (in terms of cuts and camera angles) because you give them more room.