Monday, October 22, 2007


I don't know why, but sometimes I make really depressing movies. Check this out:


ariuna said...

great job, i dont know why but i like such kind of movies

Cecelia said...

Interesting. It's especially touching after the news today of the young actor being found dead in New York. It has the feeling of this blending into his day. Instead of empty whiskey bottles, I think of empty pill bottles, and the story continuing to the events that unfolded today (Tuesday).
Since you like the old, dark movies, I just wanted to share something that my young grandson said to me.
I watch a lot of old movies on tv. One day, my grandson asked, "Grandma, when did the world turn from black and white to color?" I thought that was a cute and unusual observation.
Good luck with your movies.

barringer82 said...

lotta nice compositions

Thomas Rufer said...

Thanks for the comments guys!