Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You Just Fucked With The Wrong Mexican

I just watched Machete this weekend. Maybe I'll write an extensive review, but that may be not fair since I felt really awkward sitting in the movie theater sweating like a junky. Also I should have gotten one or two more drinks before the movie started.

Anyways, I really like this line from the movie:

Some guy: "Please father, have mercy!"
Cheech Marin: "God has mercy, I don't."
- Baaam!!

Too bad Danny Trejo didn't have that many lines and not even really cool ones.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Auschwitz - An Uwe Boll Film

Uwe Boll presents a new Trailer: Auschwitz

I'm not sure how real this is, as it isn't even listed on IMDB as of September 8th 2010. Also I'm not someone who dislikes Uwe Boll and I still want to see Postal and some of his newer works, I don't think I want to watch this one. It is just too direct and cold and has kind of a b-movie horror flick feeling to it, which makes this whole scenario of Auschwitz increasingly disturbing to watch.

Let's see how much buzz this creates.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Two More Puzzle Pieces in My DePalma Movie Collection

People just don't get it!

I ordered two additional movies for my collection of Brian DePalma movies and they arrived! One is Wise Guys (1986) and the other is Redacted (2007). I wanted to get Home Movies too but heck that movie costs new over 70 bucks at amazon.com! That shit must be so rare.

These aren't really popular movies by far and they failed at the box office back then. As often it happens, people don't really get Brian DePalma. The average viewer will just often be baffled and not getting the references and joy of film. You can't always take these movies too seriously.

I respect Roger Ebert as a film critic because he gets it. Even tho I more often don't agree with him than I would like to admit, he gives Brian DePalma good reviews and explains it well.

So, I will be posting my thoughts on these two movies next week. Until then, enjoy the trailers!

Toying With the Elevator Scene of Dressed to Kill

Look at this instruction on how to use an elevator without stopping at another floor.

This is pretty cool and I will always use this "trick" from now on!

I will use this one in a movie. There should be a scene where it would be crucial for the person to have pushed close button and the floor.

Let's try this one: Angie Dickinson in Dressed to Kill remembers she forgot something in the apartement and reluctantly returns to floor seven to get her stuff back.

Wouldn't it be ironic to have included her doing the elevator trick to get there faster? Thus leaving out two strong looking men on another floor who could've come with her to floor seven. There the murderer would've chickened out for sure.

The setup would've been someone showing her how to use this trick. "It might save you some time. And in some cases maybe your life." That's what she hears after learning the trick.

So the two men who are frustrated that the elevator left them out lose patience and decide to use the stairwell to get up. Just as they leave the elevator moves down.

Now you can include the Nancy Allen scene.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kevin Pollak does Christopher Walken

I know I've done a Christopher Walken post before and I think, as you can see, he's great and very distinctive! That's where Kevin Pollak comes into game! He's a very funny guy and knows stand-up and shit... but hell he knows how to do Christopher Walken perfectly in manners and doings!

I say not many can do it better, if any, than Kevin!

I've got only two clips here to summarize it. The first is a comedy routine he did a lot in his days and it fits perfectly and the other one is a thing he did recently to demonstrate how good he can impersonate Chris Walken!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Night of the Living Dead Location Scouting!

Some of you know the Cinemassacre-Crew with James Rolfe and Mike Matei. They are huge movie buffs and like the classic horror movies a lot. It baffles me how much they know and remember about these movies (they propably watch them hundreds of times lol).

Anyhow, they went to visit the cemetery where George A. Romero shot his classic zombie movie Night of the Living Dead.

They show the exact locations on the cemetery as they were shown in the movie and how these scenes were shot. It is kinda eerie to see how the location hasn't changed much in over 40 years.

As they say in the clip, Night of the Living Dead actually gave the zombie movies/genre a boost that still holds up well 'til today. Check out this video of them revisiting the old creepy movie history place!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Predators - Review

I went to see the newest installment of the Predator-Franchise last Saturday and was actually looking forward.

From the trailers to this movie you could tell it has some quality in it that won't dissapoint you. It is this kind of movie you know won't be a masterpiece and don't set your hopes too high but you also go to see it for the fun of it.

Adrien Brody was absolutely convincing as a leading actor in an action film. Man, he got some muscles you wouldn't believe could've been on a pianist's body.

With actor's such as Danny Trejo, Topher Grace, Laurence Fishburn and even Alice Braga, you know this is a great mix of acting talent in one action movie. Too bad they didn't have enough moments where they interacted more together and deepened the characters relationships and stories. Most times they were just running, fighting and complaining...

I give this one 3 1/2 of 5 Stars. It's good but not great and also it doesn't pretend to be any more.

Arnold Schwarzenegger loves the Predators trailer. The accent is great and the laugh is spot on. "Knock Knock!"

"Get to da choppaa!" is a favourite quote amongst Predator fans and also became kind of an internet meme. It is also references in urban dictionary. It is hilarious, thinking about it!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nothing Left Unsaid - Technical Review

This is a film Kurt Hugo Schneider made for his senior graduation. If you look at his profile on youtube, you notice he hasn't uploaded any real movies but just some musical stuff. So my guess is that he wasn't happy with his attempts or he really hasn't done anything this seriously in making a narrative storytelling.

Anyways, my thoughts about his short are more technical, because I want to show how one makes a movie stand out great just with simple tools. First watch the movie, it is only 12 minutes long.

Every story has been told so far. You only get variations through characters, sceneries and conflicts. This movie so far is a disney-like movie. Who cares if it done great? Nobody in his right mind!

What it comes down to is how good are you conveying that reality onscreen for the audience. This movie does it in a strong way.

The first minutes of the film introduceded us to a pre-graduation moment. It has sunshine, everyone is happy and goofying around. It is an intro you can do all the time to set the tone. The soundtrack helps too.

Dialogue wise it is something that has been rehearsed a lot or has been thought a lot through in this first minutes. Every detail has been planned out. The bear Carter takes in between his arms just to toss it aside after his friend storms in. Just little details you need to build in even tho they don't make any difference storywise. Even when Carter interrupts his friend, his friend goes on telling stories in an exciting mood. It is not contrived... it is how it could be on a campus.

Then we are introduced to a storyline we see in flashback with his friend and a girl he likes. It is lit

This movie is full of details you miss in many movies.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Christopher Walken Takes Down a Jet With a Pistol

Yes, this legend of an actor is even more badass than Chuck Norris. Just look how cool Christopher Walken is!

If it is not enough to shoot down a flying combat jet with one pistol shot, he can cook some serious chicken with pears and still be as cool as ever!

If you want to see more of him, just go to youtube and type his name in. He's in everything!

Now, I am hungry!

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Next Great Actor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

When I was younger and watched some episodes of 3rd Rock From the Sun, I would never have thought to admire Joseph Gordon-Levitt this much today.

A few years back I was immediatly intrigued by the small but great movie Brick, which is essentially is a film noir with teenagers playing these dubious characters. Also The Lookout, another great film with Gordon-Levitt in the lead, is a stunning peace noir flick.

As you can maybe guess I am a little fan of the film noir style and thus I have a video for you guys to look a beautiful black and white shot interview with the next great actor: