Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nothing Left Unsaid - Technical Review

This is a film Kurt Hugo Schneider made for his senior graduation. If you look at his profile on youtube, you notice he hasn't uploaded any real movies but just some musical stuff. So my guess is that he wasn't happy with his attempts or he really hasn't done anything this seriously in making a narrative storytelling.

Anyways, my thoughts about his short are more technical, because I want to show how one makes a movie stand out great just with simple tools. First watch the movie, it is only 12 minutes long.

Every story has been told so far. You only get variations through characters, sceneries and conflicts. This movie so far is a disney-like movie. Who cares if it done great? Nobody in his right mind!

What it comes down to is how good are you conveying that reality onscreen for the audience. This movie does it in a strong way.

The first minutes of the film introduceded us to a pre-graduation moment. It has sunshine, everyone is happy and goofying around. It is an intro you can do all the time to set the tone. The soundtrack helps too.

Dialogue wise it is something that has been rehearsed a lot or has been thought a lot through in this first minutes. Every detail has been planned out. The bear Carter takes in between his arms just to toss it aside after his friend storms in. Just little details you need to build in even tho they don't make any difference storywise. Even when Carter interrupts his friend, his friend goes on telling stories in an exciting mood. It is not contrived... it is how it could be on a campus.

Then we are introduced to a storyline we see in flashback with his friend and a girl he likes. It is lit

This movie is full of details you miss in many movies.

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