Friday, August 13, 2010

Two More Puzzle Pieces in My DePalma Movie Collection

People just don't get it!

I ordered two additional movies for my collection of Brian DePalma movies and they arrived! One is Wise Guys (1986) and the other is Redacted (2007). I wanted to get Home Movies too but heck that movie costs new over 70 bucks at! That shit must be so rare.

These aren't really popular movies by far and they failed at the box office back then. As often it happens, people don't really get Brian DePalma. The average viewer will just often be baffled and not getting the references and joy of film. You can't always take these movies too seriously.

I respect Roger Ebert as a film critic because he gets it. Even tho I more often don't agree with him than I would like to admit, he gives Brian DePalma good reviews and explains it well.

So, I will be posting my thoughts on these two movies next week. Until then, enjoy the trailers!

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Vaishak Jedi said...

De palma is the best or best after Coppola...I loved his films...Blow out and carlito's way are my favorites...Nowdays his movies don't connect with the crowd. I dont know why. Coppola also is going through such a phase where he make films for himself and always have a limited release instead of making a box office champion like 'GF' again..