Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Auschwitz - An Uwe Boll Film

Uwe Boll presents a new Trailer: Auschwitz

I'm not sure how real this is, as it isn't even listed on IMDB as of September 8th 2010. Also I'm not someone who dislikes Uwe Boll and I still want to see Postal and some of his newer works, I don't think I want to watch this one. It is just too direct and cold and has kind of a b-movie horror flick feeling to it, which makes this whole scenario of Auschwitz increasingly disturbing to watch.

Let's see how much buzz this creates.


Marc said...

Hey Thomas,

haven´t seen anything about it on IMDb either, but there is an announcement on his company page / a "fan" page and I think, Bolls good to go with topics like that... so, could be real... anyway, I hope, all the traffic and buzz round this theme will vanish as fast as it came up.

First: I haven´t seen any of his movies and this little pearl won´t make me do either. (P.S.: not true, I saw "In the Name of the King" and it was ok)

Second: Do I like him? For me, it´s not like or dislike, I just don´t care.

I think, he just found his niche with that B-Movie thing, to provoke some buzz, some attention about himself for a week only to disappear again.

So, let´s pat his head, tell him: "Yes, you did embarrass and annoy me and I hate you to the bone for what you are as a director and a german and you should be banned to do movies and other public expression what so ever and so on and so on..." so he can wet his pants in delight of the coup he landed again...

Or just ignore and forget him for he is not worth my - or anyones, but thats my opinion - thoughts and energy at all.

For me, thats the one and only way to give him credit for his everlasting cheap begginig for attention.



Thomas Rufer said...

Hey Marc,

I see where you are coming from with this comment and I actually agree with it to a part.

What I've seen on his IMDB Profile is how some people have changed their minds about him over these many years. While in the beginning most people hated him for destroying potential videogame movie franchises they changed to a softer tone as this guy went to more serious themes (war flicks) and left the videogames aside.

There are so many awful and colorless directors out there who make the same crap as he does. Only he has the money and the buzz.

So, 'nuff said about this man.