Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You Just Fucked With The Wrong Mexican

I just watched Machete this weekend. Maybe I'll write an extensive review, but that may be not fair since I felt really awkward sitting in the movie theater sweating like a junky. Also I should have gotten one or two more drinks before the movie started.

Anyways, I really like this line from the movie:

Some guy: "Please father, have mercy!"
Cheech Marin: "God has mercy, I don't."
- Baaam!!

Too bad Danny Trejo didn't have that many lines and not even really cool ones.


Vaishak Jedi said...

I too think the same about the film. I admire the first work of Robert Rodri, because he made that kinda movie with that kinda budget and a lot of confidence. But after that, the film he came up with was just those grind house model films ,with the exception of tarantino writtern 'From dusk..'. Machete was kind of a action + porn movie to me and i dont think it raised my interest...Cheers

Vaishak Jedi said...

i thought some follow up comment will be there. Bligger is slept ?