Monday, June 06, 2011

George Lucas Strikes Back Like Never Before - A New Hope!

We all tried to explain how the Star Wars Prequels could become such a stinker... we came up with all possible explanations, some of them plausible, some of them just plain born in hatred... but then we all have to live with the truth: These movies are here and almost killed the Star Wars Saga for our generation and the upcoming ones.

But then what if George Lucas was indeed not George Lucas for the last 20 years? What if he, after filming American Graffiti, making the Star Wars Trilogy, produced the Indiana Jones, single-handedly revolutionized effects in any departement in cinema with THX and ILM, was kidnapped and replaced with a doppelganger 20 years ago? A doppelganger who was just in for the profits! No merits for artistic value! Greenscreen? Hell yeah! Dialogue on par with porn movies? Who cares? Such a man replaced George Lucas? A suit!

Trust me, the real George Lucas won't let this be printed in the history books to come. He is determined to change it!

I'd see this movie; just to keep up the faith that once upon a time there was a man who was struggling to make one of the greatest sci-fi-franchises of all time! Who was struggling so much he relied on help from his friends like Francis Ford Coppola and encouragement from Steven Spielberg and his own faith in himself and this story!