Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lebowski P.I. would've been a great TV-Show in the 80s/90s!

Just look at this great edit of the Big Lebowski film turned into an intro of a tv-show.

Lebowski P.I. from Connor Kalista on Vimeo.

It is a bit long but and I would've loved to see a first scene of the show after the intro made into this clip but nevertheless it makes you want to revisit Magnum P.I. and others...

Hallway Scenes Montage

There are a lot of montages out there nowadays and anyway with Youtube you have easy access to the popular ones. I just seen this one that shows how hallways aren't really boring locations to shoot a scene.

Of couse, like some of the comments suggested there are some of the more famous ones missing. Creator of the video, Torrey Meeks agreed to that and might do an extended cut.

If we all think together we can come up with some really great hallway scenes... Terminator, Ghostbusters, Raising Cain...

Behind the Scenes of Inception's Zero Gravity Corridor Scene

This was for sure one of the best scenes of 2010 in any movie. It had about the same effect like the lobby scene from The Matrix back then. It was something nobody has seen before in a major motion picture. The production quality is incredible as you can see it in the following video and as the actors explain it surely was physically exhausting!

It is incredible how much preparation, building and filming had to be done for this zero gravity fight which ended up just about 1 minute actual footage shown in the scene.