Monday, September 12, 2011

Video Games Catched Up With Movies!

Yes, now finally video games catched up with movies in terms of realistic footage/visuals. Just check this Battlefield 3 gameplay footage released just a couple a days ago:

Do you think you've seen anything more intense and realistic in a movie besides something like Saving Private Ryan's opening scene?

I don't want to know what's in ten years with video games like this!

Like The Gust of a Thousand Winds!

We all love It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia! And yeah, Dennis Reynolds is an asshole, maybe a psychopath, or just a crazy bastard... but the way he put his anger about his sister not getting the right entertainment systems in her hospital room is quite remarkable, quite poetic...

and then I thought of the movie Thor. I think, even though I was entertained quite well by the movie, it would've improved or just benefited by a speech like this!

Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short) - Exceptional Movie

This short by Dan Trachtenberg is a great example of superb production quality, almost or even Hollywood standard, for a short film.

A movie about the immensevely popular video game Portal has several million views. Why? Because it is great! It has the atmosphere of the game and conveys us with the imprisonment feeling you get, like in the game.

The special effects complement the drama that is unfolding through the action and in the end... well you already know, the cake is a lie!

Top Gear - Great Season Ending and a great Show

Top Gear is one of the top rated shows in the UK and it has a US spin off, which I heard is not quite as good as the original. But hey, how can you beat the original, when you see this clip just below? It has the grace and soul you sometimes wish some movies had. The emotion it conveys just for a car... yeah admittetly a very beautiful car with 510hp and 6 litre V12 engine... but look for yourself and ask what a beautiful clip can be done on a show that Hollywood can't?

Drive - A New Great Movie?!

I know it is not just me that is excited about the new movie Drive. That's why I'm posting this trailer here for everyone to see if they haven't already watched it.

Just to know that Nicolas Winding Refn directed this one is cool, but to know he won best director award at the Cannes Film Festival is just more than you need. How often do you see a seemingly simple crime thriller getting an award like that?

And yes, Albert Brooks is a funny guy, but this time he ain't that funny at all. That must be worth the ticket price to your local movie theater!

Go watch this movie and report to me! I'll certainly will write a review after seeing it!