Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Prometheus Teaser

Prometheus, the new movie by Ridley Scott, coming out in summer 2012, is my no.1 most anticipated movie of the year! It's neither a sequel, nor a prequel to the alien franchise. Its only relation as far as I see it, is it takes place in the same universe as the other alien movies did.

It searches for the answer of where human kind gained the boost to civilization like we did. Were the aliens responsible for it? Who's the engineer of these creatures? Who's the space jockey? Apparently a crew of specialists go onto a mission to the farthest corner of the universe to find out... and they find the horror... I guess. See this wonderful trailer, including the well known screams from the first Alien trailer of 1979. And if anybody figures the similiarity about those horns or braahms from the trailer with inception, try this link with a supposedly new trend in trailers using it: http://www.theshiznit.co.uk/feature/trailer-trend-rise-of-the-braaahhms.php Anyway, as long as it is used well, I don't care. At least it isn't Requiem For A Dream score.

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