Sunday, April 01, 2012

Andrew Stanton on What Great Stories Are About

Andrew Stanton tells us the story on how he became a storyteller. He talks in front of the TED Audience and delievers a great on great storytelling and how he sees the important parts of it. One of the remarkable things he talks about is how they challenged the notion of what elements Cartoons/Animations had to have as an ingredient to be successful before Pixar came to the scene. It's a must see for everyone working on storytelling! Stanton is, as you know, a longtime succesful Pixar Animation writer and director, with credits such as Finding Nemo or Toy Story.

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shtove said...

Great story to open the talk.

In Ireland the unspoken punchline is - O'Sullivan the Sheep Shagger.

Bit odd that he reads from the prompter so much.